Tips For Your First Dance

As your big day continues to approach, you might feel a bit jittery when you think about dancing in front of so many people, but remember you are not the only one who feels this way. There are many couples that have no experience when it comes to social ballroom dancing until their wedding day. This is why you should get excited, this is your first ever dance with your loved one. However, if the nerves still keep bothering you, the following tips will help you calm down and be more confident about your performance.

The first song

The first songs needs a first dance which must have a clear beat but which is not too fast which will make it difficult to you to dance. The lyrics of the song must be something close to your hearts and linked to your relationship. They should be full of meaning. No negative or hidden meaning should be in the song. You can always go for a few lessons to ensure that your performance is perfect.

Entering the dance floor

First and foremost you should not trip on the dance floor. You need to make a grand entrance with your spouse and stand up tall and proud because you have married your best friend. The audience should be quiet and ready to watch your performance as husband and wife.

The dance position

You need to go for a few wedding dance lessons and make sure that you are holding your partner in the correct dance position. Once you get the dance position sorted, you will be gliding along the floor at ease.

Your moves

You need to put a little bit of energy into your moves. You need to forget everyone who will be watching you and just focus on impressing your partner during this first dance. There are many videos that are available to help you focus on your movement.

Being calm

If you ever make a mistake, remember to always stay calm. Professional dancers too make mistakes, however, when a mistake is made, they maintain their composure and continue with the dancing. Being calm means that your guests will not even notice when you make a mistake.


You will not have to smile forcefully as you will be very happy looking into the eyes of your partner. Talk to each other slowly and keep smiling until you are done. Enjoy this intimate moment as this is the first dance as a married couple.

Keep the dancing up to three minutes and finish with a lovely dip so that it can be captured at the end!